Principal’s Message


This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those directly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. We salute all our front-line healthcare workers who are doing so much for us all in these trying times.

It is also very challenging for all our students, particularly for those who are preparing for State Exams. We would advise those students to continue their preparations and to operate under the assumption that the exams will go ahead as scheduled.

We expect all students (1st โ€“ 6th Yrs.) to logon to their MS 365 Accounts and access the work set for them by their teachers. This will go some way towards compensating for the loss of school time.

We encourage all students to practice social distancing. This will protect our Health Service and save lives. We also encourage our students to help out at home and to assist, if possible, any vulnerable person in the community. This should be done whilst adhering to all social distancing and other HSE guidelines.

Thank you and stay safe everyone!