Knock Counselling Centre – Parents Workshop


Knock Counselling Centre will host a FREE programme for parents of adolescents who are often described as challenging, impulsive, or hard to reach.

The programme begins at 6.30pm on Wednesday, March 29th 2023 and consists of four, two -hour, evening workshops.

Adolescence can be a challenging and lonely time for young people and their families.

โ€œIt takes a village to raise a childโ€ is an African proverb that means, an entire community of people must interact with children for those children to grow in a safe and healthy environment.

We aim to create a safe space to support parents to develop personal resources and skills to effectively manage challenging and risky behaviours, whilst maintaining good enough parent- teenager relations.

To register for the workshops please contact Kathy at Knock Counselling Centre, Tel 0949375032.